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My name is Mary Beth Abel and I am a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist and open to just about any artistic endeavor.


When performing Middle Eastern dance, I go by the name Genevieve, which was my high school French name and using this name still brings back great memories learning this language from Mademoiselle Morgan at Irmo High School in South Carolina with my great friend, Kelly Stinson.

Currently, I perform in local Seattle and Tacoma events when the opportunity arises. In the past few years, I have become more and more interested in theatrical and mixed media dance performances.

What is happening now?

I have three upcoming shows. This Sunday, October 13, at Kalia Indian Restaurant in Lynnwood at 6 p.m.; Sunday, October 20th at Kalia Indian Restaurant in Greenwood; and Wednesday, November 6, I will perform in the Gratitude show for Skinny Dip at the High Dive in Fremont. If you have questions about any of these performances, get in touch with me.  


Recent past performances:

This past May, I performed with Lunaria Dance Theatre in the show Over the Pop: A Cabaret. And last January 26, I performed The Blob (1958) with a group of wonderful dancers at Kat Walsh's Horrific 4: A Night of Horror-themed belly-dance. I used music from This Blob including Burt Bacharach's pop song The Blob! Stay tuned for Horrific 5! I will be performing The Shining with some super cool people! 



Ma'a salama! Peace be with you!