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My name is Mary Beth Abel. I am a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist and open to just about any artistic endeavor.


When performing, I go by the name Genevieve, which was my high school French name. Using this name brings back great memories of learning French from Mademoiselle Morgan at Irmo High School in South Carolina with my great friend, Kelly Stinson.

Please see my Bio page for information about my background in Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish (MENAT) dance. I am grateful for these dance forms, for my teachers, and for the cultures these dances are from. Learning to more authentically appreciate and present these dance forms
is ongoing for me.

In recent years, I have become interested in theatrical and mixed media dance performances (that are a fusion of forms) as you will see in some of the videos posted here. In many cases, my performances are more like "studies" -- exercises to explore moving my vision to a stage. Doing this is never a solo act. I rely on many talented friends to help with music, costuming, props, videography, coaching, and dancing. And I have wonderful support from my husband, Taylor, and our sweet son, Kaden. I'm sure I never say thank you to them enough! 


What is happening now?

2021 has arrived!

And so have some beautiful updates to my website with new designs by Emilie Verbinnen of Design & Vous and new photographs by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon

These photographs were taken during the summer of 2020 in Ingrid's backyard, which she and her husband, Frank, turned into a sunny, garden studio so we could work together safely while social distancing. 

My costume was custom-made for me by Michelle Poston of Azya' Michelle

At this time, I try to take dance three times a week, keep up with yoga, and brainstorm about my next adventures!

Instructors I am working with:
Tara Dyberg of Om Operative
Valentina Fusari

Leticia Curiel

Go here to check out my Upcoming Performances page!

2020-2021 Performances

January 25th: The Shining during Horrific 5

July 18th: Online performance - Hasani's Raq the Harbor Hafla 

July 19th: Online performance - Quirky Quarantine Improv Hafla 

October 4th: Outdoor performance - Willis D. Tucker Park hafla organized by Marion Moat

October 25th: Online performance Halloween is on a Full Moon 

October 30th: Online performance Hasani's Halloween Scream Show 2020


October 30th: Online video performance Hasani's Halloween Scream Show 2021

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