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My name is Mary Beth Abel and I am a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist and open to just about any artistic endeavor.


When performing Middle Eastern dance, I go by the name Genevieve, which was my high school French name and using this name still brings back great memories learning this language from Mademoiselle Morgan at Irmo High School in South Carolina with my great friend, Kelly Stinson.

Currently, I perform in local Seattle and Tacoma events when the opportunity arises. In the past few years, I have become more and more interested in theatrical and mixed media dance performances.

What is happening now?

As 2020 approached, I made a decision to open up my schedule and not say "yes" to any dance commitments. I completed a performance on January 25th and then I was planning to be free to practice, explore, and create. Little did I know that the world would turn nearly its entire focus to combatting a novel virus. So, here I am home 24/7 with few obligations. Sort of. It turns out that being at home with family is kind of all-consuming. But, I am fortunate to have my husband and my three-year-old to keep me company. Family is what is happening now and my performances are very much oriented toward entertaining my son. In this photo, he is being patient with me as I try to create some fun images in my studio for my 51st birthday. That happened on February 24th, 2020.

Stay well and safe my friends. Reach out to me. Perhaps we can dance with each other virtually! 


Recent past performances and upcoming performances:

This past January 25th, I performed my version of The Shining during Horrific 5. You can see photographs of my act, which included five other wonderful dancers here: https://www.drumroll-studios.com/Portfolio/Horrific-2020/  

After a number of non-public performing months, I gave online performing a try. I performed in Hasani's Raq the Harbor Hafla on July 18 and in the Quirky Quarantine Improv Hafla on July 19!

Here are my two upcoming online performances: Halloween is on a Full Moon 
 on Sunday, October 25 at 3 pm Pacific Time and hosted by the Evil Eye Buddies & Hasani's Halloween Scream Show
 on Friday, October 30th at 5 pm Pacific Time.

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