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horrific 5

Kat Welsh's 5th annual Horrific show, on January 25, 2020, took place at the Alma Mater in Tacoma. Incredibly, we put on two back-to-back shows. 

For this performance, I created a dance based on The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick. I used music from the movie and condense the movie into its most iconic scenes. I played Wendy Torrence, Alan Sutherland played Jack Torrence, Molly Price and Michelle Poston were the twins in blue, and I had two dancers play stage ninjas to help us move the props around. They were Stacy Noah and Nicole Lopez. Max Yamasaki created technology-based stage props for us (the glowing axe and a possessed typewriter) and Alan built us a prop that was used to both represent the hallway the twins appear in and the door that Jack chops through. It took some quick action to set up this prop for our second show (and some real brainstorming to figure out how to make it work), but the did it!

Photographs by Drumroll Studios and Phoebus Foto.

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