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horrific 2

For Kat Welsh's 2nd annual Horrific show, in January 2017, I brought together 16 performers including myself -- three dancers to play Michael Myers; three dancers, myself included, to play the babysitters; an actor (Joel David Palmer); nine guitarists -- and videographer Joe Lambert. We dance-acted out Halloween by John Carpenter and the performance was supplemented by two original videos. The guitarists played music by John Carpenter from the movie as well as Intergalactic Boogie Express, Lark's Thrak, and Thak by Robert Fripp.  

Dancers included: Sheri Brown, Diana Garcia-Synder, Jane Mabry-Smith, Molly Price, and Michelle Poston.

Guitarists included: Bob Williams, Carl Germain, Chris Gibson, Curt Golden, Dean Jensen, Greg Meredith, Jaxie Binder, Sandra Prow, and Taylor Sherman, 

Photographs by Drumroll Studios.

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