July 18 and 19, 2020

I will perform in Hasani's Raq the Harbor Hafla on the 18th and in the Quirky Quarantine Improv Hafla on the 19th. These will be my first ever online performances. Stay tuned for Zoom links! 

You can see a mini-performance here -- I participated in a "Pass the Veil" video project that included many dancers in and near Seattle. 

March to July and beyond, 2020

Daily dance and comedy performances for my family during our sheltering at home. Snacks provided.
And there's this! I joined a Facebook Group called "IO DANZO A CASA ~ I dance at home." For this, I had to watch and learn a choreography and film myself doing it in one minute (I couldn't quite make the time limit) so I had to trim it a bit. Here is the full-length version here

Delightful Angst coming soon!

A singing-music-album-making thing. Check out the band's Facebook page.

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