Recent Past ~ 2020

See my home page for a list and links! And here is a mini-performance -- I participated in a "Pass the Veil" video project that included Washington State dancers. 

And there's this! I joined a Facebook Group called "IO DANZO A CASA ~ I dance at home." For this, I had to watch and learn a choreography and film myself doing it in one minute (I couldn't quite make the time limit) so I had to trim it a bit. Here is the full-length version here


Present ~ 2021

Happy Halloween everyone! Kaden and I just completed a little dance performance as Halloween Cats. you can view it here



Delightful Angst ~ music for parents ~ the early years is here!

Delightful Angst is a band dedicated to making great music for parents and caregivers. You can listen to our album on bandcamp. Also, please checkout out our website and Facebook page. We would love for you to support our music by buying a CD, too!