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Bundle of sticks by Cerice Odegaard

horrific 1

For Kat Welsh's 1st annual Horrific show in January 2016, I created a video in hommage to The Blair Witch Project. You can watch it here. I played Heather and had my friend Holly Newman and my husband Taylor Sherman play the other two characters, Josh and Mike, respectively. I took video inside my friend Patty's restaurant and filmed another friend, Joel Palmer as an old timer in the woods. I danced to The Order of Death by Public Image Limited. Cerice Odegaard helped me created a creepy wall for the ending shot (where Mike is standing in the corner) and a bundle of sticks with "blood" (see image). It was great fun! Joe Lambert of JazzyPhoto skillfully and kindly helped me with all my video editing. He's awesome and pictured with me in my selfie!   

Photographs by Drumroll Studios.

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