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horrific 4

Kat Welsh's 4th annual Horrific show took place in January 2019 at the Temple Theater in Tacoma. 

For this performance, I created a dance based on the campy horror movie, The Blob, which was made in 1958 and starred Steve McQueen. I used music from the movie, include Burt Bacharach's song "Beware of the Blob." Sarah O' Brien, the show's emcee, gathered an enthusiastic group on stage to introduce to the dance. They acted out a script based on the movie. Then, I emerged from a meteorite, made by Cerice Odegaard. Then, the Blobettes jiggled on stage and brought down the house. The Blobettes were Brianna Kerney, Carrie Giddings, Kat Welsh, Kendra Pedersen, Michelle Poston, Molly Price, and Stacy Noah. Kat Elkorboutaly and her dancers as well as Shell Bee and Andra Shinaul helped with "blobbing" the audience at the end.     

Photographs by Drumroll Studios and Phoebus Foto.

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