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Tacoma belly dance Revue

Once a month, Kat Welsh hosts a family-friendly belly dance show in Tacoma. I've always loved dancing at this event. But, it's been harder to do over the last year or so because of having a 3.5 year old kid. Kat and her studio and her troupe Sirens of the Sound are all super great and nice people! Check them out:!

It just so happens that in all of these photos I was pregnant. In the first four I am wearing a "tree" costume by Pam Wunderlich (a modern dance mentor), in one I'm wearing what I wore to dance a veil dance to "Peel Me a Grape" by Diana Krall (that photo was taken during preparations at my home studio), and in the remaining photos I am dancing a Raqs Asaya (cane) dance while really, really pregnant. I collapsed in the hall (intentionally) after this one to get my breath and such. Wowza! Dancing while pregnant is a trip! In the final photo, you see our lovely host dancing! Thanks, Kat, for all you do! 

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