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My name is Mary Beth Abel and I am a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist and open to just about any artistic endeavor.


When performing Middle Eastern dance, I go by the name Genevieve, which was my high school French name and using this name still brings back great memories learning this language from Mademoiselle Morgan at Irmo High School in South Carolina with my great friend, Kelly Stinson.

Currently, I perform in local Seattle and Tacoma events when the opportunity arises. In the past few years, I have become more and more interested in theatrical and mixed media dance performances.

What is happening now?

This upcoming Tuesday, February 25th, I will be hosting Antoine Banks-Sullivan at Tacoma Dance Studios. His Master Class will take place from 8 to 9:30 pm with a Q&A to follow. All dancers and dance levels welcome!

Facebook Event Page -- go here for more details!

The class will focus on modern dance techniques and developing unique choreography. Antoine influences are contemporary ballet as well as modern, African, and house dance coupled with an extensive vocabulary of partnering. His classes are tailored on the spot to ensure maximum inclusion and to guarantee that every student level is able to engage throughout the entire class. There is a
strong reliance on improvisation to encourage awareness, creative thinking and problem solving. Antoine has danced world wide and has danced with Pilobolus Dance Theater since 2014.   


Recent past performances:

This past January 25th, I performed my version of The Shining during Horrific 5. You can see photographs of my act, which included five other wonderful dancers here: https://www.drumroll-studios.com/Portfolio/Horrific-2020/  

Visit my website again soon for more information about my next dance adventures!

Ma'a salama! Peace be with you!

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